Friday, April 6, 2012

The Man The Myth The Legend! Christopher Walken! Autographs!

Back in the 90's I went to my first premiere, True Romance, and it was the first time and only time I met Christopher Walken until a couple nights ago where I finally got to meet him again!

Me and a friend left the Comic Con premiere to go and wait for him and about 2 hours later he showed up and dropped right in front and we literally had seconds to ask him before he was inside for the night. We started calling his name and then he says, "What?..." "What do you want me to do?" My response? "I want you to sign some autographs!" He then turned around and came over and signed 1 for my friend and 2 for me and it honestly was the best graph I've gotten in quite some time.

True Romance is in my Top Ten Movies of all-time and Pulp Fiction is my #1 movie of all-time so this was a dream come true for me!

I did get him to sign back then at the premiere but it was just index cards so this was the first time to get him on photos. Hopefully not the last though!

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