Thursday, April 19, 2012

Emily Blunt and Krysten Ritter in Hollywood! Autographs! Photos! Video!

Rather than deal with the mess of The Lucky One premiere I decided to try for these 2 girls as I have gotten them in the past and I wouldn't have to deal with hundreds and hundreds of screaming girls just to try and get 1 autograph!

On the way in neither signed so it was once again the waiting game.

On the way out Krysten came out first and started signing and I got my 3 done. However, as she was signing Emily came out but thank god Emily decided to wait til Krysten was done before she started signing!

As Emily was signing she was just racking so I kept getting one after another photo signed but I guess with Emily 9 is the limit! When I tried for my tenth she batted the photo away and said you got enough and my friend actually got a photo of her doing it (and thanks for that buddy!) Anyways, I can't complain and you just never know what the cutoff is sometime with a celebrity but I guess I found Emily's!

Here is the actual photo of Emily knocking my photo away and saying I had gotten enough!

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