Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Lucky One After Party w Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling and Ashley Tisdale! Autographs! Photos!

While I was out trying to get Krysten and Emily I heard where The Lucky One after party was and since it was accessible I headed over there hoping to get a couple autographs to end the night well.

Zac Efron showed up first and signed for the couple of us there and I only had one photo for him so I was able to get it done.

Taylor Schilling was next and when I have never met a celebrity before I don't know what to expect but I certainly didn't think Taylor would be the way she was. I heard she didn't sign at the premiere and here at the after party there were about 12 people and she maybe signed 6-7 autographs and dropped the pen and took off. She was not the nicest.

Blythe Danner showed up and I didn't have any photos and besides I wanted the photo op and I was able to get it.

Last but not least was Ashley Tisdale. She shows up and signs 2 autographs, one for my friend and 1 for me and then after seeing a photo she didn't like she dropped the pen and took off. I maybe saw her for 10 seconds total. Rather than try for her again on the way out I just left. It was a good night.

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