Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sparkle - My Review

Sparkle  -  2012  -  Directed by Salim Akil

Sparkle is everything you think its going to be and nothing more. It is Dreamgirls without the stars, good music or infectious musical numbers.

Jordin Sparks stars as Sparkle, one of 3 sisters struggling to come to terms with her love of music growing up in her mothers house who is deeply religious and scorns the pursuit of fame and money. Whitney Houston, in her last starring role, shines as Sparkle's mom who never made it herself but her one singing scene doesn't live up to anything she has done before as her voice is clearly battered and unable to hit the high notes that made her famous.

What prevents this film from being completely wasted is Carmen Ejogo, who plays Sister. She is the true star of this film. She is alternately enchanting, beautiful, hypnotic, grandiose and the movie never recovers when she is not on screen.

For a film like this to permeate to audiences it must have good music, showstopping numbers and a cast that is up to the task. This has none of that but it does have Carmen who I believe has the possibility of becoming a much bigger star.

Rating: 3 out of 10

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