Friday, December 14, 2012

Hugh Jackman gets his star on the Walk of Fame! Autographs! Photos! Video!

Hugh was getting immortalized in Hollywood and I figured he would sign and some of his cast mates from Les Miserables might show up so I decided to brave the weather as it was supposed to rain and thankfully it stayed sunny the whole time and I ended up having a great day!

When Hugh showed up he started signing before the ceremony started and I managed to get multiple photos signed but I just wish he had had a better sharpie as the one he brought was not ideal!

Not to long after Hugh showed up Anne Hathaway arrived and she started signing immediately as well as I was able to get 3 done thanks to a couple friends (you know who you are.)

Amanda Seyfried showed up and began signing and I was able to get multiples of her as well.

Jay Leno arrived and I only had 1 photo for him and easily got it done. He would of signed more I just didn't have anymore.

Then the actual ceremony began and Jay Leno was the guest speaker for Hugh and I took video of it which you can watch here:

After that was Hugh's speech and I took video of it as well which you can watch right here:

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