Saturday, December 29, 2012

My List of The Top 10 Best Signers in Hollywood 2012

Welcome to my 2nd Annual list of the best signers in Hollywood!

Well we've come to the end of the year and its time to honor something good about Hollywood, the nice people! And yes, they do exist in Hollywood and this list, my list, are the nicest I met this year!

#10 - Pauley Perrette - Two years in a row now for Pauley on this list and she continues to amaze me. She is always in a good mood with fans and will sign and take pictures and converse with you and truly make you feel like she is honestly thrilled that you are a fan.

#9 - Matt Bomer - The White Collar star, and in my opinion, the nicest and best signer of the Magic Mike cast, Matt will always stop and take time out for his fans. Nice guys go far in this business and he should have a long career.

#8 - Andrew Lincoln - At The Walking Dead premiere and the star ceremony for Gale Anne Hurd, Andrew signed more autographs than many celebs do in a year. He was gracious with fans, signed multiples, took photos, anything asked of him. A truly class act.

#7 - Milla Jovovich - Turned the Resident Evil Retribution premiere into a rack session unlike any I had seen in quite some time. She signed so many autographs no one, NO ONE, had any photos left for her. She literally signed for 30 minutes and then spent the next 10 minutes taking photos with fans. One of the nicest displays by a celeb to fans I've ever seen,

#6 - Jon Bernthal - Last years best signer drops to number 6 this year due to the fact I only saw him once. But that one time was enough to prove this guy hasn't changed. He signed everything, took photos, carried on a conversation with multiple fans for close to 5 minutes and the whole time kept thanking us!!! I wish this guy the best of luck in his career as he might be one of the nicest people I have ever met.

#5 - Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Jeffrey is one of the most down to earth celebs you will meet on the other side of the barricade and will sign and sign and sign until he literally can't sign anymore! Seriously, last time I saw him the only reason he stopped signing was because he said his hand had a cramp in it! 

#4 - Olivia Munn - Time and time again one of the nicest actresses you will ever meet. She loves haning out with fans and talking to them and signing for them and taking pictures with them and will go out of her way to make YOU feel special.

#3 - Berenice Marlohe - First impressions go a long way and my first impression of her was being awestruck at how nice she was that I nicknamed her "The Autograph Bunny." She kept signing and signing and signing and signing and well you get the picture! She wouldn't stop! Then, the next day she did it again! Bravo Berenice!

#2 - Johnny Depp - His Dark Shadows premiere will be forever remembered here as the day he spent 1 hour signing autographs for fans! He did press first and then came back and signed across an entire city block of Hollywood Blvd! Even when his security tried pulling him away he pulled away from them and signed even more. The next day he was on a talk show and once again more of the same. Proof that nice guys go the farthest in Hollywood.

#1 - Matt Damon - Friends of mine know I love the word phenomenal and phenomenal is what describes Matt as a signer. In 3 consecutive times seeing him I got close to 40 autographs and could of got more I just didn't bring more. Want him to switch pens? No problem. Personalize it? No problem. Write a quote? No problem. Photo op? No problem. Matt is just one hell of a nice guy.

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