Friday, December 14, 2012

Matt Damon is nicer than you are! Autographs! Photos!

Seriously, Matt Damon is one hell of a nice guy which is why I am moving him to the top of my best signers list in Hollywood for 2012. He was leaving town and I decided to go for him to try to get a few more and he was the same class act as always and signed and signed and signed and even did photo ops. This is one amazing Hollywood super star.

This one made me so happy as he wrote, " How do you like them apples" on it. Going in my personal collection.

This now has Matt and Minnie Driver on it.

This now has Matt and Tom Sizemore on it.

This now has Matt, Martin Scorsese, Leonardo Dicaprio, Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen on it.

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