Thursday, August 2, 2012

Total Recall Premiere w Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

Sometimes at a premiere its best to taper your expectations and this was one of those cases. The people I wanted and needed the most were Colin and Bryan Cranston (and I didn't get Bryan or Colin though a friend a couple spots down from me got Colin for me and I passed my photo down to him) and to some extent Jessica as she is VERY rare and it could be years from getting her again and the person I ended up getting more from was Biel. Go figure.

The way the premiere started made it look like this was not going to go good. When we saw Bokeem Woodbine drop we all started calling him and when he walked over Sony security proceeded to tell him not to come to our area! Great! If they won't let him come over to us what are the odds they let the big stars come?

John Cho arrived and came over and walked right to me and my buddy and security didn't stop him so I figured all was well.

Then Colin Farrell arrived and security started the same shit again but to be honest I blame alot of it on Colin as well. He basically went and did the WHOLE freaking block of Hollywood Blvd but would not come to the section where I was standing and he was by us many times. Now I know security was telling him not to but alot of stars won't listen to them and just go where they want but not Colin. This is now 3 times in a row that I have seen him where he has acted like this. It looks like he is spending significant time signing but will skip many areas, not sign for long stretches and basically just do photo ops.

Then came my favorite celebrity of the night, Bryan Cranston and his publicist, and I didn't even get his autograph! When he came over of course security led him away from us but then as he started signing he began moving in our direction only for them to tell him not to and his publicist said let him go where he wants! Which is what he did and started moving towards us.

This however is when Jessica Biel dropped and we began calling her and she comes over and where does she come? Right to us because thats where security was because of Bryan! Now, I have only gotten Jessica once before in my life and she is a notoriously bad signer and doesn't sign sexy shots but not this night! She signed whatever in our section and I got 3 and was ecstatic about it especially when you factor in it could be years before I get her again.

Then came Kate Beckinsale and her husband/director Len Wiseman. As I was waiting for Kate to get to me I got Len on my Total Recall photo.

Then came Kate and she was just as nice as at the Underworld Evolution premiere and I was able to get 3 signed by her.


  1. Hey Will,
    Yeah it's weird how it works out sometimes at these premiere's. That's why more and more I find it rediculous to get to these premiere's at the "crack" of dawn. You saw what time I arrived and I still managed to get my poster image completed, plus a couple extra Biel's ( I did have to move to get her ) and a couple extra Beckensale's. Yes Cranston's publicist was acting strange. I did manage to also get him BUT he skipped over my friends Breaking Bad casts, even though I laid them on TOP of my Recall poster image. As for Colin...if it wasn't for a little girl next to me calling to him he too would have skipped me. He was actually easier to get at Comic Con. I got multiples there! Anyway, like I said lately I've seen that getting to a premiere early and saving spots is maybe not such a good idea. I've done fine being in the second row. Also, I hate to say, being in the same section with all the "regulars" does tend to "alert" security and therfore they will stray the celebrities away from you. That sucks BUT considering you got three Biel's I feel you did extremely good at this premiere.

    1. I completely and totally agree with you on these premieres as far as getting there that early! I just don't see the benefit of being there at the crack of dawn. I did do well especially with Biel and you know I can always get Cranston. Crack of dawn is over.