Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Odd Life of Timothy Green Premiere w Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton, Ron Livingston, Alana De La Garza! Autographs! Photos!

For a premiere with as long a list as this one had and to only get 4 names was a little bit of a bummer but at least I got the main one's and especially Jennifer Garner.

A little time prior to arrivals a TV crew asked some of us to hold up signs for a promo they were doing for Expendables 2 and one of the fellow collectors, Angel, held up a sign that said " Liam Will You Marry Me?!" At least I was having a good laugh, at his expense!, to make the time go by!

As the premiere began I almost immediately felt like I would be lucky if I got anyone as Joel Courtney, Bruce Boxleitner and Bella Thorne all didn't sign in my section and I didn't get anyone until Joel showed up and basically came right in front me and wouldn't move and signed everything. I could of easily got a few more.

I LOVE this movie and it is yet another thing I need Tom Hardy on and yet another thing I probably WON'T be able to get Tom Hardy on!

Jennifer Garner, one of my favorites was next, and it was hectic but still easy to get what I got and once again could of probably got a couple more and baffled me when I heard later that a few collectors didn't get her!

Ron Livingston was next and he signed both photos I had. Rosemarie DeWitt came over at same time but I didn't have any photos for her.

Alana De La Garza was the last celebrity I got and I was able to get both photos signed.

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