Saturday, August 18, 2012

Expendables 2 Premiere w Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Charisma Carpenter and MORE! Autographs! Photos! Video!

I have to be honest. I had extremely low expectations for this premiere but was still hoping it could turn out great! While I didn't get everything or everyone I wanted I did finally manage to do rather well.

First up was Nikolette Noel, someone who I had absolutely no idea who she was! As she was signing I got on my phone and on IMDB to see who she was when I realized she was in the movie and then I had her sign my cast shot!

Next was another lady from the movie, Charisma Carpenter. Between arrivals and the after party she signed as much as anyone this night.

Terry crews arrived and came over to sign but started and went in a direction that I wasn't at. I took video of me NOT getting him.

Dolph Lundgren arrived and once again he came over and went to a direction I was not at and I didn't get him on arrivals. I did however manage to get him at the after party when he was mobbed and I do mean mobbed! It was crazy insane! Along with the Olivia Wilde incident of 2011 and the Ray Liotta and Tom Hardy incidents of 2012 this was one the craziest scenes of a celebrity getting mobbed I've seen in years. I would try to explain it better but you wouldn't understand until you've seen it and been in it!

Jean Claude Van Damme, someone I really wanted, arrived and yet again he started just a little past me and I never got him. I did get video of him starting just past me.

At this point I was getting nervous. The REALLY big names had yet to arrive and I wasn't doing great. Then something truly surprising happened. Jason Statham, who is usually a dick, drops and proceeds to do the whole line and be nicer than I have ever seen him be! Maybe there is hope after all!

Then came Sylvester Stallone.He drops, comes over and then proceeds to walk along the crowd waving to everyone, and not signing, at which point I did not think I would get him. The video of it is below:

Next thing I know he walks to the crowd and starts signing heading right towards me! Between me and my son CJ standing right next to me we got 5 which made the whole day a success to me.

I also got Dolph Lundgren on this.

Lastly, I was able to get Randy Couture at the after party on 2 photos.

I got Nikolette Noel, Charisma Carpenter and Randy on this. Not exactly what I had in mind heading into this premiere!

Also, at the after party Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte came out and only signed a few autographs and not having any photos I was able to get him to sign a floorboard.


  1. You did pretty good Wiil.
    BUT are you really "happy" with the Stallone's? I know he signs better and for my personal collection I would have actually passed at what he was signing that day. Yeah, I got him, like yourself on multiples but I wound up just giving them to a friend. My "score" was getting JCVD, as you called him, and Arnold on a Conan shot and a shot from Predator. I also got Locte. Didn't get Crews,Norris, Coulter or Lundgren but I've gotten them before in the past. Continue to "enjoy" the hobby Will.

  2. Actually, I am happy with the Stallone's. I have never been that into well this signature is better or worse than... etc. It is the experience to me of meeting them and knowing that I got them myself. I am keeping 2 for my collection so yes I was happy with them but I would of loved to have got JCVD! I loved that movie!