Friday, August 10, 2012

Goats Premiere w David Duchovny, Dakota Johnson, Olga Segura, Graham Phillips and Marilyn Manson! Autographs! Photos!

Considering I went to this premiere basically just for David and hoping maybe Dakota's father Don Johnson would show up (he didn't) I left quite happy with my autograph haul.

The first celebrity to show up was Graham and I only had 2 photos for him and he gladly signed both even though his publicist did not want him to.

Right after I finished getting Graham to sign both photos I turned around and Olga was standing there and I got her to sign both photos I had for her. I could of easily gotten more signed if I had brought more.

Then came David and further proof it can be damn hard to figure out what a celebrity will do. When he dropped I got up to him quickly and with the other graphers there managed to get 2 even though he only signed MAYBE 10 going in and then dropped the sharpie and just ignored us the rest of the way in. These are 2 I got on the way in.

I also spotted Evan Handler at the last minute as he was going up the escalator and I had to walk up the stairs along him to get him to sign my cast shot which he did.

So, I figured on the way out David would probably not sign. As the premiere broke I got further bad news when I realized the after party was inside a bar right next to the theatre. So we wait. He them comes out quickly and racks and I got the rest of my photos signed. Not bad at all.

So now I am left with only Dakota for arrivals and what led to the strangest and funniest part of the night. Knowing it was only Dakota left I pulled my photos for her out of my bag and held them in my hand (with the one of her licking a ice cream cone on top which you can see further down this post.) As I am still waiting for her I turn around and see none other than Marilyn Manson!

Not knowing he was going to be there I obviously didn't have any photos for him so, with the photos for Dakota still in my hand, I reach and get a floorboard out of my bag to ask him to sign it. A woman who was with Marilyn says the photo I am holding is nasty! and why do I want Marilyn to sign it? Marilyn says he doesn't want me to sign the photo he wants me to sign this and takes the floorboard from me. He then signs it and looks at the woman and says the photo is not nasty but this is and shows me the floorboard! It might be nasty but its also damn funny!

So, I go back to waiting for Dakota and she finally arrives and when she gets out I ask her to sign and as soon as she see's my first photo of her (the ice cream cone) she says, "WOW" and not in a good way. She still signed it but don't know if she ever will again!

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