Thursday, August 30, 2012

And The Winner is....

Well, after careful deliberation and some input from my buddies over at I have gone through all the comments and without further hesitation the winner is May! Congratulate May if you know her and to everyone who participated thank you and see you again next month as I give away a FREE autograph every month!

Hi, my name is May and I AM HIS #1 FAN LITERALLY!!! Back in 2008 I started to watch True Blood out of curiosity, because I’ve always liked vampires. So I started to watch it but I didn’t get attracted to the main vampire at that moment, played by an obscure unknown actor called Stephen Moyer.

So more or less I continued watching the series, but in episode 4, a tall blond guy with the looks of a Viking made his debut. Since the first moment I saw him he intrigued me, more or less the same way an unknown Australian actor called Hugh Jackman impressed me in the X-Men movies.

So I finished season 1 and next year season 2 started, I remember telling other people about the Viking guy, by that time I didn’t even know his name, but I was more curious about him.
Then, the scene with Godric in the roof came. The Viking guy impressed me with his intensity, how well he transmitted the feelings of the scene. Vampire Eric was begging his maker not to meet the sun. Perhaps that was the moment I’ve realized the Viking guy could act. But still I was infatuated by my other favorite fictional character, Wolverine, played by my only #1 fave actor back then; Hugh Jackman.

By Season 3 I really was hook on the Viking, by a friend, who was mesmerized by his looks, without knowing it, I became obsessed about the actor behind Eric Northman, at that moment I started to google his name: Alexander Skarsgård, and I started to visit pages dedicated to him. So that was the moment Wolverine got a rival, a Viking vampire….LOL… the first time I liked another actor the same way I liked Hugh Jackman.

So by the end of 2010 I realized I was obsessed with Alexander Skarsgård and the character of Eric Northman. After TB 3rd season I read the books that supposedly inspired the series and guess what, I fell in love even more with the Viking vampire. Not just about his acting, but I can relate to him as well. I was bullied throughout by childhood, so watching him go through and battle, made me feel better about my past. I can go on and on but don't really want to talk about my past so much since it hurts.

So by 2011 I started to visit several facebook pages dedicated to the Viking, among them Skarssgarding, Sisters in Skarsgård and ASFB. So there I met Ally, Lori, Meg, Bianca, Elena and so many other fabulous fans of the Viking. I've been obsessed with Alexander for many many years and have met many new fabulous people as well through him.

If you still cant tell how much I like him, here are some more reasons I love him LOL

1- He’s a superb actor, the scene with Godric, season 4, showed how well he uses his eyes expressions, how he changes his tone of voice, his body language…. It is amazing how expressive he is. While Hugh Jackman’s asset is his versatility, Alexander uses his body language and his facial expressions brilliantly… Despite the disaster of S4, Alex was the only good there. Even though stupid Anna Paquin was unable to get into the skin of Sookie Stackhouse, the scenes she made with Alex were worth seeing because of him.

2- His looks, damn it, he’s so sexy, even if he wears a bag of potatoes, he looks gorgeous.

3- He seems to be so genuine, when other actors not as talented as him have big egos, he seems to be nice. All reports say he’s nice to his fans. He does his thing and he doesn’t mind to repeat clothes…LOL….

4- He hangs with aliens…LOL… he loves to have fun… after all he deserves it! Go Alex!

5- His overbite, I think that makes him real…

Let me conclude this, If I win this autograph, Alexander will overtake Hugh Jackman as my favorite actor :)

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  1. Hi, I'm the winner how do I get the autograph ? thx

    1. ok, email me at so i can send my address...thanks.

  2. hi, you can email me or let me know your email and I'll tell you my address...I don't really want to post my address in public right here. thanks