Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunset Strip Music Party w Jessica Stroup, Sam Trammell, John Densmore and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

I probably should of stayed home as far as this event went. Here is who didn't sign: Marilyn Manson, Kellan Lutz, Joe Manganiello, Nicole Richie, Malin Akerman and Ray Manzarek. It got to the point I was SURPRISED when someone actually signed.

First person I got was Jessica Stroup. I have always been a fan since meeting her at the original Twilight premiere and she has stayed just as nice.

Taryn Manning said she would sign when she got back, which was 2 hours later, and when she did she signed maybe 5. I got 2 but that was not usual behavior from Taryn.

Sam Trammell signed and racked compared to how he can sometimes be and I got all of my photos signed.

Antawn Jamison, newly of the LA Lakers was a surprise and he came over and signed and I got him on 2 floorboards.

I certainly did not expect John Densmore of The Doors to sign so of course he comes over and racks and I only had 1 photo so I also got a floorboard signed.


  1. I still think you had a good graphing night! The names you mentioned....Mariyn Manson, Kellan Lutz, Joe Manganiello, and Malin Akerman, haven't you gotten before a lot? Marilyn didn't you just get on a floorboard last week? I would think that getting a "new" name would excite you more. Anyway glad you still enjoy the hobby Will. Wish I had the same enthusiam as you.

  2. I do still enjoy it very much but new names only excite me when its a new name I really want. I wanted Marilyn on some photos.