Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hit and Run Premiere w Kristen Bell, Joy Bryant, Bradley Cooper and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

This is one of those premieres where I had great hesitations about doing it but in the end I broke down and decided to do it and actually was quite pleased at the outcome.

The first celeb to drop was David Koechner and all I had was a cast shot so I got him to sign that.

The biggest hesitation I had with this premiere was Dax Shepard. The person I wanted the most was Kristen Bell who is usually nice but when she is with Dax she is next to impossible as he is one of the biggest jerks I have ever met. Well, thankfully, with this being his movie, his was cool which allowed her to be and they both came over and signed.

Next up was Ryan Hansen and all I had was the cast shot which he signed.

Then came Joy Bryant. When she came over to sign I held out my first photo and when she saw it she looked at me and smiled and said where did you get that?! After I told her I flipped to the second photo and she once again said the same thing! Later at the after party when I saw her I asked for the photo op and said I am the guy who... when she cut me off and said I remember you! You were the guy with those sexy photos of me! I said yes and they are great pictures and she laughed and said thank you.

You can see her pointing in this picture when she was asking about the photo!

The next celebrity I got on arrivals was Bradley Cooper. He came right on over and signed and took pictures and I got all of my photos signed except one which I got signed at the after party.

Lastly on arrivals I got Tom Arnold on my cast piece and on my Sons of Anarchy cast pieces.

I ended up getting David Koechner, Tom Arnold, Ryan Hansen, Bradley Cooper and Dax Shepard on this.

So arrivals were over as Jason Bateman and Michael Rosenbaum did not sign on drops so I went to waiting when I got a nice surprise. There was another event going on literally next door and I managed to get a few of those names.

Pauley Perrette came out and I got her on my Hollywood sign.

Then came Miranda Cosgrove and I didn't have anything so I got her on a floorboard.

Then came quite the surprise as Garth Brooks came out. I got him on a floorboard and got a pic with him and took video of him as a friend of mine there asked him to speak to his friend on the phone and he did! Nice guy.

Now its back to the after party finally Jason decides to sign and I was able to get 1 done.

Michael Rosenbaum also signed (and signed more than Jason) and I was able to get all my photos signed.

Last but not least Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler Clary showed up and I got him on 3 index cards.

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