Tuesday, August 21, 2012

JCVD Himself, Jean Cluade Van Damme! Autographs! Photos! Video!

Man... was this fun. If by fun I mean insane, which I do. This now goes with Olivia Wilde of 2011 and Ray Liotta, Tom Hardy and Dolph Lundgren of 2012 of being one of the craziest experiences of recent memory.

Jean Claude was taping a talk show appearance and since I loved his movie JCVD and didn't get him at the Expendables 2 premiere I had to try. As the time got closer I never thought he would do it as there were simply to many people there.

But, he shocked me my pulling over and rolling down and then getting out and signing even though it was a full on s**t fest! Seriously, it was crazy! This time however I was able to get video of it so you can see what I mean!

I was happy about getting 3 done but was happiest about the JCVD image as that is going in my collection. Funny thing about that one is I couldn't seem to get it done so I went around to the other side of the car and asked the lady in the car with him if she could get him to sign it and she did!!! Granted, I had to lie to her and tell her I hadn't gotten one yet but hey, wouldnt you of done the same thing?!!?

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