Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Amazing Spiderman Premiere w Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, C Thomas Howell! Autographs! Photos! Video!

The Spiderman premiere was last week and I was among the hundreds of people there trying to get autographs and I did quite well considering I didn't bring photos for everyone.

The first to drop was surprisingly Andrew Garfield as he started at one end and proceeded to sign for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE but was insistent upon using his black sharpie which was not flowing well but I was able to get to him in the beginning so mine didn't come out to bad. I was able to get him on my Spiderman cast shots and all the other photos I had for him as well.

I really loved The Social Network and now have Rooney Mara, Aaron Sorkin and Andrew on this.

Next up was Rhys Ifans and I had never met him before so was happy to get him especially cause he didn't seem into signing so have no idea when I would get him again.

Emma stone arrived next and while she didn't sign as much as Andrew she had a better sharpie in her hand so the autographs came out better.

Once the movie ended I saw Matthew Gray Gubler leaving and asked him to sign a autograph and he was so excited to sign my 500 Days of Summer and even asked who else had signed it.

This may sound weird to some people but this premiere for me was all about C Thomas Howell. I grew up watching this guy in E.T., Red Dawn and The Outsiders and was so happy to get his autograph and get a photo op with the guy.

These are the cast shots I worked on. I ended up getting Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, C Thomas Howell and Rhys Ifans on both.

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