Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WINNER of the July FREE Autograph Giveaway! Tabrett Bethell!

This was not an easy contest for me to pick the winner as there were so many great comments and I wish I could give one to everybody but I can't. If I ever have the good fortune to meet Tabrett again and get some more autographs I will do this contest again! With that said, the winner is...

I'm not sure anybody can claim the biggest fan title, many of us love her very much.

I liked the first season of Legend of the Seeker a lot, but the moment I really became a fan was when Tabrett appeared on screen for the first time. She has this presence which grabs your attention...

Writing is very important of course when it comes to how good a character is, but without a great actor even the best written ones can fall flat. Cara was a complex character to begin with but Tabrett was the one who really brought her to life, and in the process gave her extra layers. And even though perhaps Cara was the strangest of the 4 main heroes, Tabrett managed to make her be the most human. But this is not about Cara, who became my #1 favourite character with only 23 episodes.

Acting has many elements and most actors nail the majority of these. But in my experience only the very best have the ability to convey a lot through their facial expression and especially their eyes. Tabrett is one of them, she can speak volumes without saying a single word. Playing Cara she had to do everything, action, drama, comedy, romance, it was a great showcase of her talent. And I'm not ashamed to admit that she brought me to tears too.

There are many actors, including even some of the famous, great ones, who, although nobody can deny their talent, keep doing the same things, almost as if they were playing different variations of the same character. Tabrett had to show quite a bit from her range as Cara, but if you look at her films, or her guest starring role in Cops L.A.C., you won't catch her playing the same character. She's one of those few actors who can transform into their characters, you aren't seeing X.Y. playing somebody, you see the character.
I'm glad the people at the Manhattan Film Festival and at Fangoria recognized her talent.

Since Tabrett is a private person, we don't know much about her, but based on what she revealed in interviews and what others said about her, she's a wonderful human being too, not "just" an incredibly talented actress.

After Legend of the Seeker ended I thought Tabrett deserved more support and I started a blog, Tabrett Bethell's film, to promote and support her and her projects. http://tabrettbethell-films.blogspot.com/ It was back in August 2010 and I've been doing it ever since, posting at other places too, not only on the blog. I probably could've/should've done even more, but I'm trying to do my best. It's also there to help my fellow fans too, giving them information and letting them know how they can help Tabrett and her films, tv shows.

She said this in a magazine interview once: "My ultimate aim would be to captivate an audience, even just for a second."
What can I say... Mission accomplished! :)

William - necros.hun@gmail.com


I hope this contest is open to fans outside of the US too.

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  1. Congratulations Necros! You really deserve to win :)