Monday, July 30, 2012

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Claire Danes, Ally Walker and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

I did an event the other day in Beverly Hills where you have to pay for a room in order to be there (and even then lately that doesn't matter as we still haven't been allowed to stay on occasion) and while I didn't know who would be there it turned out to be a great night for me as much of the cast of Breaking Bad showed up!

When I first arrived I was talking to a friend of mine and I looked up and spotted Magic Johnson and we grabbed a couple index cards and walked to his car and he was nice enough to roll down and sign.When I told him this new U.S.A team would never beat the original Dream Team he and his wife Cookie laughed and got a real kick out of it.

First to arrive was RJ Mitte from Breaking bad and surprisingly I didn't have anything for him so I just helped a couple friends.

Then Vince Gilligan Arrived and once again I didn't have anything so I asked him to draw me a sketch and he was nice enough to do so. Later, when Aaron Paul showed up I also asked him to sketch for me and he did as well.

Then came Bryan Cranston and I always get pumped to get his autograph and he came right on over and I was able to get a few. I also got the photo op but somehow managed to cut most of myself out of the picture!

As Bryan was signing I looked up and spotted Jonathan Banks and almost had a heart attack! I needed him to complete 3 cast shots and when I said its Jonathan Banks, Bryan was standing right in front of me and said its Mike! I better get out of the way!

Complete and in my personal collection now!



Betsy Brandt showed up and I didn't need her on anything so I had her sign a couple index cards and they are 2 of the best signatures I have ever gotten from her!

Claire Danes showed up which was a nice surprise and I didn't know if she would sign since she was pregnant but she did and I got all my photos done! This really made the night all the better.

Lea Thompson showed up and I had photos in my car so I went and got them and then on the way out she came over and signed and I got both done.

Demian Lewis of Homeland showed up and I didn't have any photos so I helped a friend and got him on a index card.

Marlee Matlin was another surprise and I was able to get the photo op with her. When she saw my jersey she pointed out to me that she is a Bears fan. I told her I'm sorry!

But the person I probably geeked out the most for was Ally Walker from Sons of Anarchy who I had never before met and loving the show I wanted to get her on my cast shots. When she got out she was very nice and signed everything and I got the photo op and when I told her my eyes were closed in it she said lets take another. By the way, I think I f***ed up every photo op I did on this day!

Lucas Grabeel showed up and I got him on 2 index cards.

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