Saturday, July 14, 2012

James Caan, Lucy Lawless, Jacqueline Bisset in Hollywood! Autographs! Photos!

After doing the Sprawl premiere I headed out to another premiere a friend of mine was at as he told me James Caan and Lucy Lawless were there and I had photos that needed signing!

The first person I spotted was Jacqueline Bisset and I asked her to sign my photo, which she did and proceeded to sign right on top of someone, and I got the photo op with her.

I also added Sofia Milos to this photo this night as well.

Do The Right Thing is my number 2 film of all-time so I was super excited when I saw John Savage come out of the theatre and even though he was a little surprised I asked him for a photo op he was kind enough to do it.

I spotted James Caan next and had to move quick as he was flying down the street but I got up to him fast enough and was able to get my one photo signed.

Lucy Lawless was a tougher spot as she came out in the crowd and appeared to be trying to hide in the crowd but I finally managed to see her and walked up to her and she begrudgingly signed my photos.

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