Friday, July 13, 2012

Slash of Guns N Roses Gets a Star on The Walk of Fame! Video!

I went to Slash's star ceremony on Hollywood Blvd hoping to get a couple more autographs of him (which I didn't as he barely signed), plus try to get Robert Evans who I am a big fan of and if you like Hollywood history read his book The Kid Stays in The Picture and try again for Charlie Sheen.

Robert didn't sign as he could barely walk and needed assistance so honestly I didn't ask him.

Charlie on the other hand was a completely different story. He comes over to the crowd and tells everyone to take pictures but says he won't sign. I hold up a photo of him and Slash and he looks right at it and comes over to me and asks if he can have it. I tell him yes. He then asks if I have 2 of them to which I say no but its no big deal he can still have it. (My thinking is if he takes it maybe he will sign a different photo for me.) However, he says he won't take it as I only have one. He then tells his people to come over and get the photo and they then proceed to ask me for my phone number and address, which I give them and they then walk over to Charlie and hand him a black sharpie and I watch Charlie sign it! I am thinking great I am getting Charlie's autograph on this day! Nope. They then come up to me and say they will mail it to me! WTF!!! I tell the guy he just signed it why can't you give it to me? His guy says if he does then everyone will know that Charlie signed for me and then he will have to sign for everyone! To prevent this they will just send it to me! So, I got nothing but maybe I will get it in the mail but I am not holding my breath.

I took video of the ceremony which is below.

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