Saturday, July 21, 2012

Getting Autographs on My Head! Alec Baldwin, Claire Danes, Aaron Eckhart, Mickey Rourke!

When I attended the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards one of the main autographs I wanted was Alec Baldwin. I am a big fan of 30 Rock, so when Alec came right on over to me and grabbed my sharpie I knew I would get him on my cast shot, but he then proceeded to write his name on my forehead!!! Worse yet, he didn't sign anymore after that!

A little while later Claire Danes came by and asked why "Alec" was written on my forehead and I then told her to which she then proceeded to sign her name on my head and it is still to this day the best Claire Danes signature I have ever got!

Later, Aaron Eckhart came over and asked, I told him and then he drew Harvey Two-Face on my head!

Lastly, Mickey Rourke came out and came over and wrote "Loki" his dogs name, who had recently passed away, on my head!

I got signed photos this day but by far these were the most memorable autographs I have ever gotten!

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