Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FAKE Johnny Depp gets mobbed in Hollywood! Photos!

After the Watch premiere was over me and my friend petesautographcorner decided to get something to eat at Baja Fresh when I witnessed what I would not have believed could ever happen so I had to share it so everyone could see it as well.

Hollywood Blvd has alot of people who dress up as movie characters and a guy came in who obviously was trying to look like Johnny Depp but to me was not succeeding but to many others he was the real deal!

When I got up to go get a refill of Mr Pibb I looked back and saw a MASSIVE crowd forming outside taking photos and videos of this guy that they actually thought was Depp! Within a couple minutes at least 100 people came inside trying to get a picture with him and more than that were outside trying to just get a glimpse of him.

What is truly funny about this is many times I, and a couple of my friends, will see celebrities walking down Hollywood Blvd and the tourists never notice but when there is an obvious FAKE walking around they go crazy! Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Only in Hollywierd!

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