Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stars Come Out in LA! Robert Kirkman, Scott Bakula, Frank Oz, Viva Bianca, Craig Parker and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

There was an event the other day honoring some Sci-Fi stars and while the list wasn't that great I still did ok. Granted I could of done without all the idiots who showed up and bombarded every celebrity with blanks and most of the time didn't have a CLUE who they were but I guess I am just dreaming of a perfect graphing world!

The first celebrity who showed up was Tom Skerritt and honestly what else was there to get him on but Top Gun?! I had 2 photos and he signed them both.

Lesley Ann Brandt and Nick Tarabay showed up together and somehow I managed to forget to ask Nick to sign my Spartacus cast shot but I did remember to have Lesley sign my photos of her!

The creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, arrived and I asked him to sign and just as always he came right on over and he was pretty excited about signing my X-Files photos.

Richard Grieco, who seemingly shows up to everything now, arrived and I figured I might as well bring some photos and have him sign something finally and he was more than happy to come over and sign.

One of the main guys I was waiting for this day was James Remar as I wanted to add him to my Django Unchained and my Dexter cast shot and was able to get them all done.

Breaking Bad is one of the greatest TV shows ever and I always get excited to add people to cast shots and I was able to add Steven Bauer to the rest of my photos. He usually always gets hit with Scarface photos but he gets so excited when someone asks him to sign Breaking Bad.

RJ Mitte showed up and I added him to a Breaking Bad cast shot I needed him on.

I am a huge fan of Aliens and was ecstatic to get Walter Hill on it. When he arrived me and my friend Big Sassy! spotted him and he comes walking on over and gets mobbed by the blank people again who of course most don't even know who he is!

Marina Sirtis of Star Trek arrived next and I was able to get her on all the photos I had but one. The funny thing was, when I held out the photos of her in white she looked at me and smiled and said your'e not supposed to have that!

Ryan Lee and Riley Griffiths of Super 8 both arrived at the same time and both signed at the same time and I got them to complete 2 photos I had and added Riley to both of my cast shots.

I also added Joel Courtney to this.

I also added Bruce Greenwood to this.

As Ryan and Riley were still signing Bruce Greenwood came over and I got him on my cast shot and on 2 individuals from The River.

Beth Riesgraf came over and I had one photo of her as previous times I had seen her she wasn't the nicest but of course this night she was super cool and I would of got more done had I had more.

Viva Bianca showed up and I added her to my Spartacus cast shot which already had Lucy Lawless on it.

That was it for arrivals but on departures I did do well. Lance Reddick of The Wire and Fringe and Lost came out and I got him to sign everything I had. When he went to sign my LOST which has over 30 people on it he looked at it and said is there even any room on it!

Scott Bakula on the way in said he didn't have time to sign but would do it on the way out and sure enough when he was leaving he came right on over and signed quite a bit.

Craig Parker of Legend of The Seeker came out and this was a little tough to get him as some lady with the event kept telling him not to sign but I kept at it and was able to get mine done except one.

Robert Kirkman is such a nice guy and while he won't draw sketches anymore he will sign anything and everything and he did once again.

Then came the man of the night Frank Oz, AKA Yoda himself. I didn't think he was going to sign as it was just too crazy but he came out and told everyone to get in a line and while many did not he still signed and I was able to get a couple (they were personal items I was helping a friend with.) The main thing is I wanted a photo op and I was able to get it.


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  2. It was a CRAZY night Wiil!
    It's all about Top Gun for Tom Skerrit? What about Alien. I think that's his "iconic" film role. I mostly agree with you about the blank sheet situation to a certain point. If you have time to prepare and have the guest list in advance then there's no excuse about not having actual photo's for these people. BUT what if you don't have the list and photo's prepared? I'm not going to let someone just walk by and waste an autograph oppertunaty just because I don't have anything for them. Also aren't you doing the same thing with the index cards? Blank sheets, blank cards same thing. HOWEVER what I don't like are people that do NOTHING but the sheets and like you said not even knowing who they get. I laughed and applauded Beth Riesgraf for obviousley skipping all the blanks! That was awesome! Until the next time.

    1. I say Top Gun as I was more a fan of Aliens than the original. Index cards and blanks aren't even remotely the same thing. I might ask 1 person to sign a index in a night because that celebrity showed up and I didn't know they would be there but they are using them for everyone and MOST of the time don't know who they are getting.