Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stop Staring Fashion Event With Jamie Lynn Sigler, Annalynne Mccord, Italia Ricci, India De Beaufort, LouLou Von Brochwitz and More! Autographs! Photos! Videos!

I wanted no part of the Hunger Games Premiere and decided instead to try this event out as I knew there wouldn't be many people there so I thought I could do well and I did.

Italia Ricci was first to show up and I had 2 photos for her but she was only doing 1 each so I had a friend help me get both done. I really liked her autograph as she put a different message on each one.

Ashley Argota showed up and since this was the first time I had met her I almost didn't recognize her but luckily a friend did and she was very gracious and signed all of our photos.

Apparently LouLou Von Brochwitz is a big star overseas so I thought get her now before she becomes big over here. Hey, it could happen!

Victoria Pratt was one celebrity I was hoping would sign alot this night as she has quite a bit of photos online and thankfully she signed (though not as much as I wanted) and I also got a picture with her that unfortunately I had my eyes closed for!

Kristin Bauer of True Blood was signing and while she was signing her boyfriend or husband was pointing out the pictures she should sign and then said that's about it so I held up my True Blood photo and he looked right at it and told her about it and she said she had to sign it. If you watch the video I took you can see it for yourself.

While Alexa Vega did sign this night she didn't sign much and every time I see her it is always the same. She picks up a sharpie and signs but doesn't like to do much.

Bridget Marquardt, who was in Playboy, showed up and as she was signing some of us held out Playboy shots and she said he doesn't like me to sign these (referring to the guy she was with) but she then said I will because they are my favorites!

I finally got my picture with Jamie Lynn Sigler. I've always liked her and met her many times and I'm glad I finally got that accomplished.

This was the most interesting thing of the night for me. Anyone who graphs knows that the majority of the time the people who make it the toughest for us to get autographs are not the celebrity but the people with them and especially their publicist. When Stephanie Pratt got out of her car everyone there asked if she could sign and the lady with her said, " You already signed for them." What!??! She just arrived! Well, Stephanie found it just as confusing and crazy as we did and she just kinda smiled and came right over and signed.

Next up was India de Beaufort and this was kind of comical. When we ask her to sign she says this never happens to her and then after about a minute when we still have more photos for her to sign she remarks I can't believe how many pictures you have of me! She went from being surprised to flustered and I honestly don't think she knew what to make of it.

The only reason I printed photos for Gloria Govan, she of Basketball Wives LA, was that I recognized her because my wife watches the show and really likes it. So, when I saw Gloria I told her thank you for signing and can I get a picture with you as my wife is a big fan and I want to show her that I met you. She says sure and asks where is my wife? I told her at work and she says well call her and I will talk to her! Really?! So I called my wife but she didn't answer and I got my photo op with her so cut to home later that night where I show the picture to my wife and she says she hates that bitch!!!!!! I couldn't help but laugh! Apparently my wife does really like the show but can't stand Gloria on it! Glad my wife didn't answer the phone!

Chelsea Ricketts was there and I didn't have any photos for her to sign so I just got a picture with her.

Annalynne McCord showed up and didn't sign much but I did get 2 signed by her.

Angie Everhart is not an easy autograph to obtain! She shows up and I ask her to sign and she shakes her head and says, "I don't want to. I get paid to sign them." I then ask her again and tell her I only have one photo and I skipped the Hunger Games premiere to come to this and I just wanted an autograph of her as I had never gotten one before so then she finally did it and then is all smiles when I asked for a picture as well. Celebrities are weird.

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