Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jeff, Who Lives at Home Premiere With Jason Segel, Tia Carrere and More! Autographs! Photos!

This may sound crazy to some people but this premiere was all about one person to me and that one person was Freaking Mark Duplass!

Seriously, if I had only gotten one person's autograph at this premiere I would of been ok as long as that person was Mark Duplass and hallelujah it happened on March 8th, 2012 that I finally got this guys auto and finished my League cast shot!!!

I can't stress enough how difficult it was completing this cast shot and I am going on record right now that I will never ever, ever, EVER, work on another cast shot of this show. I am done!

I got Mark and Jason Segel on this.

I did manage to get more than just Marks autograph as Tia Carrere was there and signed my True Lies Laserdisc.

Jason Segel topped off a great night for me by signing as well and I got quite a bit signed by him and got him on Muppets photos.

Susan Sarandon also showed up but didn't come anywhere near where I was at, Ed Helms didn't sign and Judy Greer signed but once again didn't come where I was.

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