Thursday, March 8, 2012

Riding Through This World With Sons of Anarchy Cast Members Theo Rossi, Tommy Flanagan, David LaBrava and Michael Ornstein! Autographs! Photos!

There is no better show on TV right now than Sons of Anarchy and I get genuinely excited every time I see these guys and last night was even better as I had never met Michael and he was just as nice as the rest of the cast!

Tommy was the first to show up and sign (Katie Sagal and Kurt Sutter arrived first but didn't sign) and he was very cool and signed for about a minute and he even came over on the way out as well which enabled me to get quite a few signed by him.

I added Tommy, Theo and Michael to this which already had Emilio Rivera, Brian Van Holt, Jon Gries, Danny Trejo and Sarah Jones on it.

I added Tommy, Theo, Michael and David to this which already had Emilio Rivera, Brian Van Holt, Jon Gries, Danny Trejo and Sarah Jones on it. On the way out it was dark and at first David couldn't see where he signed on the photo which was actually part of the holder (upper left hand corner on the yellow!) so he held it up again and signed in the middle.

Tommy added his character name to this which is not something he normally does.

Theo Rossi is freaking cool! Just like Tommy he signed on the way in and out but spent considerably more time than Tommy plus took a bunch of photos with fans and was very interactive as well. One girl asked if he was still dating Sarah Jones and he said, "yeah, she hasn't kicked me to the curb yet!" I told him as he was signing for me that SOA was the best show on TV and he said he wouldn't disagree as he watches alot of TV but when I remarked that the only show in my opinion that came close was Breaking Bad he admitted he had never even seen one episode of it! This was all the more surprising as he said Sarah is real good friends with Aaron Paul and he did say that he does plan on watching it. These are truly some cool guys to meet and talk with.

I got Theo and Tommy on this.

Chucky!!! I'm surprised how much I've grown to like the character of Chucky so I was looking forward to meeting Michael and thankfully all went well and he signed for everyone and took pictures with a couple fans as well.

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