Tuesday, March 20, 2012

American Reunion Premiere With Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein and MORE! Autographs! Photos! Videos!

I must admit that I didn't have high expectations for this premiere as my dealings with most of this cast in the past has not been great but I went anyways and thankfully, as I said before, I didn't have high expectations.

The first to sign was Chris Klein and I only had one cast shot for him to sign so I spent most of the time he was signing taking photos and video.

When it became apparent this was not going to be a great night, I worked too hard to get Ali Cobrin (who I must admit that I didn't have a clue who she was!), to sign both of my cast shots as I needed something signed!

Jason Biggs and Eddie Kaye Thomas both came over and signed but I didn't get Eddie as Jason was signing in my area so Eddie skipped over the area I was in.

Shannon Elizabeth started signing for the fans and just as she got to me her people said she needed to get inside and would sign on the way out and she did and I finally got 1. I would be shocked if she signed over 20 autographs the whole night.

Jennifer Coolidge was very nice to us on the way out and she signed both individual photos I had for her and she signed one of my cast shots.

As Ali Cobrin was signing I looked over and saw on the opposite end that Mena Suvari was signing so I grabbed my photos and ran to that area and worked my way in and got 2 of my photos of her signed.

Alyson Hannigan was signing and signing in my area and I got video of her but of course as sometimes happens (and happens especially on nights like these) she skipped over my photos so I did not get an autograph of her this night.

I saw Jason Segel walking out of the theatre when the movie was over and he came over and signed 1 photo for me.

Anyone know who or what the hell Jedward is?!!? I don't. However, as I see some girls going crazy for these 2 I had them sign a blank photo for me as I didnt have any photos for them.

What I was most excited for this whole night was I heard the 3 leads of Project X were going to be at the premiere and I wanted to get them on my photo and of course turns out they are about as nice as a caged tiger who hasn't eaten in a week! Honestly, if you don't want to sign then don't but I still don't comprehend the signing of autographs by celebrities when they act like you are stealing their newborn when they do it. If you choose not to sign then do not sign but stop being rude about it! I will never print another photo for these kids again but the sad thing is I already have 2 more that I need them on so I might have those for a while!

As far as some of the other cast members of this movie, I never saw Tara Reid pick up a sharpie, nor Katrina Bowden, never saw Dania Ramirez and Seann William Scott maybe signed 5 the whole night. While I got some stuff signed compared to the amount of time I put in I would of preferred to just skip this premiere.

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