Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kiefer Sutherland stops and signs some Autographs! Video!

The first premiere I ever went to was True Romance which was the first time I ever met Kiefer and he has been  one of my all-time favorites ever since so anytime I get a chance to go get his autograph I do.

Over the years I have gotten him on so many 24 photos that I thought this time I would get him on Touch as I really liked the pilot episode and I think the show has alot of promise.

Only a few fans showed up and one person had a photo of him holding a gun in his mouth and it said COCAINE in big bold letters on the bottom and when Kiefer saw it his exact words were, "I don't know what this is" and pushed it away and wouldn't sign it! I thought it was funny and saw my opening as he had said he would do one each but after that he then did another for me. Lesson? If you actually have this photo don't ask him to sign it!

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