Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Magic City Premiere with Olga Kurylenko, Elena Satine, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bill Murray, Liam McIntyre, Lynn Collins and MORE! Autographs! Photos! Video!

I was excited going into this premiere as there were alot of names on the list that I like but I had no idea just how well I would do and I wouldn't have believed it if someone had said that on this night, of all nights, that I would finally get the one and only Bill Murray!

Dominik Garcia Lorido showed up first and I had 3 photos for her and got all of them signed. This was my first time meeting her and I am happy to report that she was very cool.

Her father, Andy Garcia, showed up as well and only did one autograph but it was mine and I am now half way towards finishing my cast shot!

Elena Satine was another actress I had never met so of course didn't know what to expect but she was nice as can be and did 6 photos for me.

Christian Cooke showed up and signed and I got all 4 of my photos signed by him.

Olga Kurylenko arrived and came right to me and started signing and lo and behold a miracle happened as she signed all of her autographs this day "Olga K" which is very rare for her as she normally just signs "OK." I managed to get 3 and then as she was done I turned around and here comes Kelly Lynch to sign and I got all of my photos signed by her. I must admit I love Kelly Lynch as I believe Drugstore Cowboy is one of the ten best movies of the last 30 years. If you haven't seen it check it out. It's a masterpiece.

I've said it many times and I will keep saying it: Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one of the best signers in Hollywood. This guy is above and beyond cool every time I see him and I don't think he could ever be uncool to fans. Some celebrities sign and do photo ops because they feel they have to and eventually they will outgrow that and just not sign but not Jeffrey. He genuinely enjoys it and you can see it when he is interacting with his fans.

It became a madhouse when Lynn Collins came over and somehow I managed to get 3 photos signed by her. I had no idea she was becoming this big a deal.

Even though this was the premiere of Magic City at some point it seemed to become the Spartacus 2.0 premiere as literally every star of that show arrived to this premiere. I know they are both the STARZ network but let me tell you it is still impressive as I have not seen this kind of turn out for a show of support it quite some time. Bravo STARZ! Liam McIntyre arrived and signed even more than he did at his own premiere!

Katrina Law, Ellen Hollman and Bonnie Sveen of Spartacus showed up and I didn't have any photos for any of them so I got pictures with all 3.

Viva Bianca showed up and I did have photos for her and she signed all of them for me and a dollar bill and I got a picture with her.

Russell Simmons was a surprise show up and I got him on a dollar bill.

James Caan came out after the premiere and signed and I was thrilled, THRILLED, to get him on my Godfather photo and I got him on a individual photo as well. The Godfather is my #3 favorite movie of all-time so this was a big deal to me.

As good as I did up to this the crown jewel of this night was I got the amazing, incredibly funny legend himself, Bill Murray, to sign a dollar bill for me!!! I didn't even know that he had gone in and then when he came out I didn't have any photos so I asked him to sign a dollar for me and he grabbed it, signed it, and gave it back. This guy is as tough as it comes to get an autograph (literally one of the toughest ever) and I may never get this again but right now I don't care as this is another off of my bucket list! Thank you Bill Murray for making my night incredible!!!

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