Friday, March 16, 2012

Mad Men Premiere with Jon Hamm, January Jones, John Slattery and more! Autographs! Photos! Videos!

When it was all said and done and I was finished with this premiere and after party at around 1am this had been one of my favorite premieres in quite some time.

It wasn't that I just love Mad Men (as I am not a big fan of it but I am giving it another try) but that I love The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad and many cast members from those shows showed up which 100% made my night!

At the after party they had this hologram on the building which I thought was way cool.

Robert Morse was the first to come over at the premiere and signed for quite some time and just as I finished getting everything signed by him I turn around and there is Vincent Kartheiser walking right up to me to sign some autographs and of course I am not prepared so I had to rummage through my bag to my photos of him and still managed to get some signed. At the after party Vincent did a few and then promised a couple girls he would come back out and take a picture with them and of course he didn't. Not cool Vincent.

I was able to get Jared Harris, Robert Morse, Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, John Slattery and Rich Sommer to sign this.

I was able to get Christopher Stanley, Vincent Kartheiser, Jessica Pare, Matthew Weiner, Mason Cotton, Jane Bryant, John Slattery, Alison Brie, Rich Sommer, Embeth Davidtz, Jared Harris, Jon Hamm, Jay R Ferguson, Rich Sommer and Martin Holden Weiner to sign this.

If your'e not a fan of Jared Harris please do me a favor and become one! Alot of people may not even know who he is by name but this guy is so freakishly cool that he deserves a shout out!

I know Jon Hamm is always going to be most famous for Mad Men but to me its all about The Town! I love that movie and every time I see him I always make sure to have photos from that film. If you haven't seen it you are missing out on a damn fine movie! Anyways, enough of my unpaid endorsement for the film! Jon was super cool again and did sign and even took a few pictures with fans.

Since Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss were not showing up to the premiere I figured it would get stupid when January came over (if she did) and true to form everyone started acting like zombies inches away from their next meal when she came over! I managed to get 3 counting the premiere and the party.

Have I mentioned how much I loathe celebrities who are left handed signers?!!? If you are a celebrity who is and are reading my blog (it could happen! Katee Sackhoff has!) please stop smearing your autograph! God this drives me crazy. The majority of left handed signers smear there signatures as they sign and while a few have learned and make sure not to do it some are absolutely clueless to there behavior and must be stopped!!! John Slattery, I'm talking about you! It's easy, lift your hand up when you sign and this won't happen. Slattery smeared quite a bit of the autos he signed and while he didn't completely mess them up this needs to stop.

Take a look at this photo again. There are 3 autos that were slightly smudged. One was Jane Bryant (left-handed), John Slattery (left-handed) and Jon Hamm which was smudged by Robert Morse (left-handed). Conclusion? Left-handers are clearly inferior to right-handers! I'm sure some people will love that statement!

I finally got Rich Sommer at the end of the night as he signed a few for me and when he signed both of my 8x10's he said he was very drunk during that picture!

Eric Laden and Kristin Lehman of AMC's The Killing showed up and I got both of them on my photos.

Erika Christiansen showed up and I had no idea she would be there so I got her to sign a index card for me.

While I had been having a damn good night, this is when it got great. Bryan Cranston, Dean Norris and Bob Oedenkirk of Breaking Bad all left the party and signed and I was able to get them on my cast shots. I really need Jonathan Banks and Aaron Paul now!

I only need Jonathan Banks and Aaron Paul on this one.

I need Jonathan Banks, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston on this one.

I only need Jonathan Banks and Aaron Paul on this one as well.

I only need Aaron on this one.

This was by far the highlight of the night for me. The Walking Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a big fan and while I think the writing in the second season hasn't been up to par I still love the show and can't wait for the 2nd season finale this weekend! I have met most of the cast but I had never met Greg Nicotero (who does the makeup), Emily Kinney and Michael Zegen and they were all there along with Steven Yeun and I literally waited til almost 1am for them to come out and it was worth it. They were all super cool and signed everything for me and a couple friends and I was able to get photos with all 4 of them.

Julianna Guill showed up and I didn't have any photos so I helped a friend with his and then got my picture with her.

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