Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hot List Party W Jessica Capshaw, Ne-Yo, Christa B Allen and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

I've done this event before in years past and I have to be honest that even though I got quite a bit signed the caliber of talent that is starting to show up for this (and sign or in many cases not sign) is rapidly descending.

Walton Goggins was the first to show up that I had photos for and I was able to get him on the last 2 Django Unchained cast shots I needed him on and he was so excited to sign one that he circled his name on the poster after he signed it! Jamie Foxx also showed up and briefly, and I mean briefly signed and I added him to this cast shot as well.

This now has Walton, Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx on it.

This now has Walton, Kerry Washington, RZA and James Remar on it.

Wes Bentley showed up and signed quite a bit down the line and I was able to get both of my photos signed by him.

Gabriel Mann of Legend of The Seeker came walking up and I got him on both of my individuals and on both of my cast shots for the show.

James Marsden signed on 2 different occasions but his signing habits were so erratic that I had to work quite hard just to get these 2 photos signed.

Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad, the best show on TV right now, showed up and they both signed and I was able to get a bunch of both. Problem is I now NEED Bryan Cranston and Jonathan Banks super bad and where are you two at?!?!?!?!

I now have Giancarlo and John Savage on this.

Just needs Bryan!



Just needs Bryan!

Once again only needs Bryan!

Where are you Jonathan Banks?!

I am a big fan of the movie Flight so when I saw Brian Geraghty who played Denzel's co pilot, I ran to my car and got my photo and ran back and when Brian saw the photo he came over and said as soon as he saw my photo he just had to sign it!

This now has Brian and Bruce Greenwood on it.

Zach Braff showed up and I had photos in my car so I ran for those and since not many people had photos for him a couple of my friends helped me get all of mine signed.

Ne-Yo was someone I didn't know was going to be there so I just had him sign a floorboard and I got a picture with him.

I used to be a huge fan of the TV show The OC so when Adam Brody showed up I asked him for a picture with and he was much nicer on this night than I've seen him be in a long time!

Of course anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows my all-time favorite TV show is The Wire so when Michael B Jordan showed up I absolutely HAD to run to my car to get my photos and on the way out he came over and signed and I got them all done.

This now has Paul Ben Victor, Idris Elba, Chris Bauer, Glynn Turman, Lance Reddick, Chris Ashworth, Andre Royo, Tristan Wilds and Michael Kenneth Williams on it.

This now has Michael B, Michael Kenneth Williams, Chris Bauer and Tristan Wilds on it.

Kid Cudi came over and signed and I was able to get one of my photos signed by him.

John Cho signed, barely 5 total, and I was able to get him on my photo and now I need Kal Penn on it.

Christa B Allen of Revenge came over and signed and was super cool and I got all of my photos signed.

Jessica Capshaw was someone I was really hoping to get and was able to get 2 signed by her and at one point when I said to her I only have one photo left would you mind signing it she said no I dont want to and walked away! I thought it was very funny!

At first i would of sworn that Emily Van Camp was not going to come over and sign but then all of a sudden she popped on over and came to one spot and wouldn't move which made it chaotic and somehow I was able to get 2 signed by her.

Jaime King came over to sign and I only had one photo for her and was able to easily get it signed.

Steve Nash showed up and I didn't have any photos so I quickly pulled out some floorboards and got him to sign those.

Sarah Silverman showed up and I got a picture with her.

Armie Hammer came over and signed but not many and I was able to get him on one photo.

Brittany Snow came over and signed and signed and I was easily able to get my 3 photos done and get a picture with her.

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