Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AFI Film Festival Presents On The Road W Kristen Stewart! Autographs! Photos!

Well I keep saying it (dont do AFI premieres!) and yet I keep doing them! Once again most of the cast never showed up and only Kristen, Amy Adams and Garret Hedlund did show and no one signed on arrivals!

In fact, Garret never signed the whole night but Kristen and Amy did but I wasn't able to get Amy as she signed at the same time as Kristen did.

I have been on record about how I feel about Kristen and how she acts towards fans and pretty much only signs for rabid crazed teenage girls and honestly this night was no different. The only reason she came over was because of this exact same reason and she came right to a girl (a friend of mine) and proceeeded to sign whatever this girl put in front of her meanwhile me and a few other guys there were practically begging! Yes I ended up getting 2 but it doesn't change how I feel about Kristen and it will take a perfect scenario to get her again.

This particular piece I am so happy about! I now have Kristen, Rupert Sanders (the guy she cheated with) and Liberty Ross (Ruperts wife.) Quite a unique piece if I say so myself!

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