Friday, November 9, 2012

BAFTA Awards W Quentin Tarantino, Berenice Marlohe, Rufus Sewell and MORE! Autographs! Photos! Video!

This is a case of winning a battle and losing a war.

I did great at this event. GREAT. However, some new people showed up who had no sense of decency and respect and got us kicked off the property and I'm pretty sure no one will be allowed back to graph there for quite some time!

New Bond girl Berenice Marlohe showed up and my god is this woman one of the nicest signers I've met in a long time. She was like the autograph bunny... she kept going and going and going and going and wouldn't stop! I got everything signed and a picture with her.

Next up was Jared Harris and this guy is always nice but I literally never have anything to sign for him as I've gotten everything signed before! However, I put him on the Lincoln cast shot as god knows I may not get anyone else on it!

Josh Gad showed up and I didn't have anything for him to sign so I just took some video.

Everytime I see Rufus Sewell he is always nice but I never have photos for him so I finally decided to print for him and got my one photo signed.

Daniel Craig showed up and madness ensued but thankfully I was able to get 2 signed as this is not a guy I see alot and in fact haven't seen him in over a year.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who created South Park, showed up and of course Matt ignored us but Trey did come over and sign and I got one.

Natasha Henstridge signed for us and signed quite a bit and thanks to some help from some friends was able to get 9 signed by her which certainly made me happy!

By far the highlight of the night for me was Quentin, my all-time favorite director and the one person I collect the most and I waited til almost 1am to get him and was able to get 5 done! Now I only need about 100 more autographs out of him!


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  1. Great job Will. Those events must have been really fun to go to because you racked. I wish I could go some day.