Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This is 40 Screening W Albert Brooks, Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow! Autographs! Photos!

I went to this primarily for two reasons. One... Megan Fox. She showed up and showed no intention on way in or out of signing and that is exactly what happened. Considering I have seen her quite a few times this year and she has never signed she now owns a spot on the worst signers list.

The other reason I went was Albert Brooks. He is kinda rare and I loved the movie he was in last year, Drive, and wanted to start a cast piece for it for my own collection and thankfully he signed and signed quite a bit! I was able to get him on everything I had.

All 3 Finding Nemo's now have Albert, Willem Dafoe and Alexander Gould on them.

Annie Mumolo showed up and I got her on my cast piece. I have no idea what she was doing in this picture!!!

Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow showed up and I got both of them on the cast piece as well and got Leslie on a individual.

Lastly I got Patton Oswalt which was interesting to say the least! On the way in it was just me asking him to sign and he said no thanks I don't want to! On the way out a couple of us asked him and got the same response as he said he was late and had to go! However, he then stood on the sidewalk for close to 5 minutes waiting for his car so I politely asked again to which he reacted in a manner that made it seem like I was going to rob him and then finally he signed!

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