Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The League Premiere w Katie Aselton, Paul Scheer and MORE! Autographs! Photos! Video!

The League premiere was last week (yes I have been slacking on the blog!) and against all my better judgement I went and graphed it.Surprisingly I was able to finish 2 cast shots as this is not the easiest cast to get to sign.

The first cast member to arrive was Stephen Rannazzisi. When everyone called him he came right on over and proceeded to go down the line signing.

Paul Scheer was next and he is easily the nicest of the cast. I only had the two cast shots and got both signed by him.

Ncik Kroll was next and honestly I did not expect him to sign as at last years premiere he didnt sign a single autograph. However, he came right on over and then as he came to us he immediately said to someone in the crowd at least your'e a real fan and not just trying to profit off of us! Well, when he came up to me I said some of us ACTUALLY watch the show and like it regardless of whether you believe that (and yes I do watch the show and yes I like it.) When I said that he immediately seemed to change his persona and the exchange is on the video I took.

Mark Duplass was the last to sign on arrivals and just like last years premiere I now had to wait til departures to see if I could get Katie and Jon to complete my cast shots.

Once the premiere let out Jon Lajoie came out and we called him and he came on over and signed for the few people left.

Finally the last person I needed, Katie Aselton, came out and as we called her she said she had to go! I instantly had horrific flashbacks to last year and how long it took me to complete those 2 cast shots but then at the last moment Katie stopped and came over and signed and I completed both cast shots!

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