Friday, October 19, 2012

Alex Cross Premiere w Matthew Fox, Rachel Nichols and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

For all the names in this movie the premiere certainly was a letdown. Giancarlo Esposito, John C McGinley and Jean Reno didn't show so it was up to the few who did to make this a great night!

The first celeb to come over and sign was Chad Lindberg. I just had a cast shot for him so I had him sign that. Later in the night I also got Carmen Ejogo on it.

Next I spotted Mario Van Peebles and knowing that he had directed LOST before I called him to come over and he did and signed all 3 of my LOST cast shots.

Ok, so who else did I get on arrivals?!?! NO ONE!!! Tyler Perry never looked at us and to the best of my knowledge didn't sign a single autograph the whole night.

Rachel Nichols never looked at us and went right in.

Ed Burns waved and went on in.

Matthew Fox never looked at us either and that was it for arrivals. Ok, time to wait.

So, I leave the barricade and go to have a cigarette and a few minutes later who pops out the side door?! None other than Matthew Fox! As soon as I and everyone else see's him all hell breaks loose and we begin bombarding him with photos and even though he didn't look the least bit interested in doing it to his credit he signed quite a bit. I was able to get him on all my cast shots and a few individuals.

Then came something pretty cool. After Matthew took off (5 minutes after the movie started) me and friend are walking past the theatre and who do wee see sitting outside eating dinner? Ryan Hurst, Emilio Rivera, Sarah Jones and Theo Rossi of Sons of Anarchy! I had 2 cast shots of Act of Valor in my car so I ran and got them and came back and after they finished eating Emilio was nice enough to sign them and I got the group photo with all 4!

After that nice little surprise I waited for departures and finally Rachel Nichols came out and started signing and though it was a little crazy I managed to get her autograph on 4 photos.

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