Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seven Psychopaths Premiere w Colin Farrell, Abbie Cornish, Jeremy Renner and MORE!!! Autographs! Photos!

From the minute this premiere was announced I have been looking forward to it! I liked the director's first movie In Bruges and with this cast I have high hopes for the movie and the premiere!

First celeb to arrive was Joseph Lyle Taylor of Justified and I didn't know he was going to be there so I didn't have any photos for him so I just got the photo op.

The director Martin McDonagh arrived and I called him over and he signed both of my Seven Psychopaths photos and my In Bruges photo.

Charlotte Ross, who for some reason has been showing up to EVERYTHING lately, arrived and I called her over and she came over and signed both of my photos.

Then came Walton Goggins and I was very happy about this as I was able to add him to 2 of my Django Unchained cast shots. Being the biggest fan of Quentin Tarantino I am always excited about adding people to his cast shots!

Then finally came someone from the film and by far the highlight of my night. I LOVE the movie Assassination of Jesse James and have a cast shot I want to complete but it hasn't been nor will it be easy as Sam Rockwell is pictured on it and he is a VERY tough autograph to get.

Well, as he drops he arrives with none other than Jeremy Renner and as everyone is calling Renner (who BTW does not look the least bit interested in coming over) I keep calling Sam hoping against hope he will come over.

Finally, Sam see's my photo and points to it and starts walking towards to me! However, when he gets halfway to me he stops turns around and walks back to Jeremy! When he gets to Jeremy he points to my photo so Jeremy can see it (for anyone who doesn't or didn't know, Jeremy was in Jesse James) and then they both proceed to walk right towards me!

As they both get to me Sam remarks how much he loves the photo and then signs it and then tells Jeremy to sign it! After Jeremy signed it he signed my Town cast shot and then 2 individual photos I had for him. I would of been happy with just this!

Next came Abbie Cornish and I was able to get 5 done. In the past she has been weird to me with certain type photos so I just played it safe with her and did quite well.

This now has Jamie Chung, Jena Malone and Abbie on it but of course Abbie had to sign over part of Jena's signature!

Tom Waits and Christopher Walken both arrived and neither came over and signed.

Then came the BIGGEST CELEBRITY in the world, Colin Farrell himself! Yes I am being sarcastic and don't mean that though clearly he does!

As early as last year this guy was a good signer but since February of last year this guy has gotten almost impossible to get. Event after event he says he will sign and then doesn't. He says he will sign on the way out and then only does photo ops. He comes over to sign but skips random people and skips photos. I was hoping for a different outcome this night but it was more of the same.

As he came over he started at the beginning of the line and I start hearing people scream out, "he's signing with a ballpoint pen!" Really Colin?! WTF! Ballpoint pens don't show up on photos and of course Colin knows that or just doesn't care as many people asked him to switch but he wouldn't. Finally, he switches for someone and grabs a silver sharpie and then does a couple and drops the sharpie and then proceeds to skip a bunch of people again to where he is now right in front of me.

I hold out In Bruges and Miami Vice photos and he skips In Bruges and I ask him to sign Miami Vice and he doesn't look at me and then finally I beg him, BEG HIM to sign it and he does and while he does he looks at me like he wants to punch my face in for asking him.

I got the photo signed and said the hell with him I'm not trying for him anymore. I was a big fan of In Bruges and Miami Vice but apparently nobody is as big of a fan of Colin Farrell as Colin Farrell is. Let me put into perspective what I'm talking about here. Many people will say oh he's just not signing for you guys cause he knows you are going to sell it. First off that's ridiculous. He has no idea who is selling his autograph. Secondly, the behavior presumes he has no real fans and to give him the benefit of the doubt that is possible considering the box office receipts of many of his films!

One last thing, I got to the premiere a couple hours earlier than it started and a random fan walked up to me and asked if this is where the premiere was going to be. He looked like a student from nearby UCLA and I saw he had the dvd of SWAT and a photo of Colin that looked really blurry and I told him yes this is the place. He said thank you this is his first ever premiere and his girlfriend LOVES Colin so he wanted to get them signed for her for her birthday coming up! After the premiere was over I saw him and asked him if he got them signed and he said no. He said Colin walked right by him, wouldn't look at him, ignored him when he told Colin they were for his girlfriend on her birthday and as Colin got by him a lady with Colin (his publicist) told him Colin only signs for his real fans!

Well, F**K you Colin Farrell! All you have to do is go down the line and sign and you have the power to make so many people so happy but instead chose to go the opposite way and act like an ARROGANT A*****E! Nice guys go far in Hollywood. Your'e not nice. Good luck with that.

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  1. For some reason, Colin's reaction doesn't surprise me at all. He doesn't strike me as nicest of people. He could have signed for the guy. How does he know who "his real fans" are? That's so dumb.

    I'm thinking of getting one of your Jeremey Renner/Hawkeye ones...seriously thinking. Will decide soon before someone else gets it. :)