Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Words Premiere w Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Dennis Quaid, Ben Barnes, Jeremy Irons! Autographs! Photos!

This premiere went about as well as I could of hoped. When me and a friend showed up to it we had our doubts as the fans already there were acting crazy and we couldnt figure out the set-up but eventually we did and all was well in grapher world! Plus a friend from out of town came as well so that made it even better.

First I got Jason Reitman and was able to add him to my Up in The Air cast shot which now just needs Vera Farmiga and it is complete.

Next was Jeremy Irons who I am always excited to get as I don't see him alot and I have always been a fan.

Then came Bradley Cooper and one of the surest things when it comes to graphing. This guy has always been super cool and even when he blew up into a huge star stayed the same. Of course, he came over and signed the most and I got my photos signed.

Next up was Ben Barnes and for some reason I had alot of photos for him but I was able to get them all done as he signed quite a bit and on multiple occasions.

Next was Dennis Quaid and I got all of my photos signed. Considering he is not the greatest signer I was happy about this.

Lastly was Zoe Saldana and let me be honest, she was the main reason I went to this. I haven't gotten her in quite a while so I wanted her and was lucky enough to get 4.

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