Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AMC Party w Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

I am a HUGE fan of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead and to a lesser extent Mad Men so I was very excited to do this event but of course the best laid plans..

When I get there the set up is not good. Then I hear no one from The Walking Dead is coming. I only need Aaron Staton and Elisabeth Moss to complete a Mad Men cast shot and Aaron didn't show and Elisabeth didn't sign! Wasn't looking good!

But of course Breaking Bad cast members came through and I ended up having a decent night.

Mark Margolis and Betsy Brandt arrived and I got both of them to sign one of my cast shots which now just needs Anna Gunn to complete.

Aaron Paul arrived, Emmy in Hand, and came over and signed and I was able to get him on a bunch of photos and my Rolling Stone magazine.

Finally Walter White himself Bryan Cranston came over and he is quite simply my favorite autograph to get of anyone in Hollywood right now. I love the show and his character and there are so many photos I want him on! I was able to get 2 more signed this night.

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