Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Premiere! (AKA, one of the worst Premiere's EVER!)

Went to Perks premiere last night and it was awful! If you look at the pictures I got... oh thats right, I didn't get any!!! Security completely screwed us and prevented us from getting anything. No Emma Watson, no Kate Walsh, no Nina Dobrev, NOTHING! Ok, in all fairness I did get Johnny Simmons on my Scott Pilgrim but be serious, I'm not even wasting my time posting that on here.

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  1. You're "human" after all! Lol! You know they can't all be good.
    Anyway, I kind of figured this premiere was going to be tough. Emma is not a good signer especially to the male/adult fans. She tends to sign more for the young and female fans. I went for more the "sure" thing and messed with the Nemo premiere. I found out about this at the last minute so I didn't get there until 4! Still, with all the collectors messing with Watson's premiere I was the first to stake out a spot! There wasn't much of a prime section for the setup but I still mangage to find a good spot. I easily got everybody includling 8 Defoe's who only signed in one spot. With the lack of overjealous collectors and dealers this was the most unstressful premiere I've done in a long time. Wish they were all this easy! I'm sure you're next event Will will be a good one. Latter