Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Vince Vaughn made my Worst Signers list!

Vince Vaughn... you know him, you love him (or maybe not), you think he's funny (at least he used to be) but one thing is for sure... he is not good to fans.

The other night he happened to show up to an event and on the way in I was the only person with a photo for him and with him standing 5 feet from me he wouldn't sign. On the way out, there were maybe 3 people with photos and a girl asking for a photo with. He stood 5 feet from us for a couple minutes and then made his way towards us only to make a b-line right for his car, jump in it and speed away. If this guy won't sign this low key the odds of him signing in other scenarios is slim. Congrats Vince on making my worst signers list!

1 comment:

  1. good... he used to be very nice. i remember when me and my buddy ryan (he has since passed away) would run into him at about every bar we went to and he was really cool with us, drinking with us etc. using Ryan as his out when Joey Adams asked him to come home with her etc. but he slipped and got really, really tired of it. you used to be able to see it, even when he did sign, that he was extremely tired of it.