Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Best Signers in Hollywood 2013 Edition!

My List of The Top Ten Best Signers in Hollywood 2013

Welcome to my 3rd Annual list of the best signers in Hollywood!

Let me preface this list, my list, by saying that not everyone who does what I do always shares the same opinion on who is and who is not a great signer. This list comes from my experiences and mine alone so without further hesitation here goes:

#10 - Jessica Chastain - Haven't seen her in a while but when I did she was as nice as can be. Didn't matter when or where she always signed.

#9 - Robert Downey Jr. - Was an Iron Man at the box office and the same with his fans. He signed up a storm on multiple occasions while promoting Iron Man 3. He may be the biggest star in the world but was down to earth this year.

#8 - Russell Crowe - One of my all time favorite actors is a class act with fans. Seemingly hundreds show up for him and he takes the time to meet each one individually.

#7 - Kevin Bacon - Kevin provided by far what was the most impressive thing I saw all year from a celebrity. At an event earlier this year he dropped in a different spot than where me and a few others were waiting and we all said he won't come over cause it was so far. Honestly, I wouldn't of blamed him, it must of been at least the distance of a football field. Instead, after he finished press, he came over and signed everything and talked to everyone and seemed like he was having a great time with us. If I had seen him more he would be much higher on this list.

#6 - Rosario Dawson - Only saw her one time this year but that one time left quite the impression. She signed and took pictures for about 20 minutes even as security kept telling her to stop. Every person that day left a bigger fan of Rosario's then they already were.

#5 - Brad Pitt - One of the biggest stars on the planet is actually becoming a better signer than he already was. I am a huge fan of his and everytime I meet him I am more impressed with how he handles fame.

#4 - Jon Bernthal - Forget just being one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met, this guy is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I will watch anything, ANYTHING, he is in in order to support him.

#3 - Tom Cruise - Few celebrities bring out as big a crowd as Tom does and few satisfy all those fans like Tom does. Will show up over an hour early to a premiere to spend all that time with fans and his love of his fans is genuine, he loves interacting with him and talking to them and signing and posing for pics. I will always be a fan of this guy.

#2 - Steven Spielberg - This guy may be worth billions but you would never know it by the way he carries himself. Earlier this year he showed up to an event and was mobbed on the way in so security rushed him. He then came back out the same door, by himself, got mobbed by fans, had security telling him to go in and he said no and stood there and signed. As good as it gets.

#1 - Al Pacino - This man is a legend. An icon. One of the greatest actors ever. One of the greatest movie stars ever and yet he took out time, alot of his time in fact this year to earn my spot as the best signer in Hollywood for 2013!

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