Monday, December 30, 2013

My List of The Top Ten Worst Signers in Hollywood 2013

Welcome to my 3rd Annual list of the worst signers in Hollywood!

Let me preface this list, my list, by saying that not everyone who does what I do always shares the same opinion on who is and who is not a great signer. This list comes from my experiences and mine alone so without further hesitation here goes:

#10 - Jennifer Lawrence - You cant see who J-Law is looking at in this picture but I assure you it is graphers asking for her autograph! She is so tough now that when I see her I just assume she won't sign. It's easier on me that way!

#9 - Ellie Kemper - When I think about a cast of a movie that gives me nightmares, Bridesmaids is at the top of the list. Ellie. like most of the girls in that movie, is a hard autograph to get. Its hard to believe someone who smiles as much as she does could always be in a bad mood when it comes to signing autographs.

#8 - Jesse Spencer - This is one I can't let go. There was a time when Jesse was a sure thing, he would sign, take pics, and sign some more. Not anymore. If he tells you he will be back to sign later, don't trust him.

#7 - Johnny Depp - This one stings. I hate putting Johnny on this list but I had to. Thats what happens when you act the way Johnny did this year to fans. At one event has his security tell everyone he will sign on way out and then he sneaks out. At another event he tells everyone he will sign on way out, hundreds of fans wait many hours and then he bolts out. He would appear so nice on way in and then break your heart on way out. I certainly hope this was an aberration.

#6 - Vince Vaughn - Arrogance personified, there is no way you like Vince as much as he likes himself. Consider it a gift from the Gods if he signs for you. Most likely he will walk by and shake your hand and touch you and make all your problems go away with his magical powers.

#5 - Val Kilmer - Rude, bitter, insulting, berating, belittling. These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Val Kilmer. He deserves his spot on this list.

#4 - Tobey Maguire - I would love to know the last time this guy actually picked up a sharpie and signed. One of the most impossible graphs to obtain in Hollywood. Chill out Tobey, its only an autograph.

#3 - Adele Exarchopoulos - Two of the worst graphing experiences I've had all year were with dealing with this woman. Want to see hear instantly change moods? Ask for an autograph. I value my time to much to keep wasting it on trying to get her to sign

#2 - Alison Pill - Seen her multiple times one on one and wouldn't sign for me. One time she ran across the street through traffic when I asked for an autograph. Paid to go to a Q&A to meet her and before I could even ask her to sign she had bolted out the door. I have a Newsroom cast shot that I am convinced will never get done. I am positive when she was a child someone stabbed her and beat her with a sharpie as that is how much she seems to hate them.

#1 - Bruce Willis - This is real life. No 4 words spoken to me by a celebrity this year were quite as memorable as the words Bruce spoke at the Red 2 premiere. Can I get an autograph Bruce? "This is Real life" Can I get a picture with you Bruce? "This is Real Life" That was his response to everything. The way he acted you would of thought he just saved all of mankind for real. It was the most pompous, arrogant and egotistical display I've ever seen by a celebrity. He would be on my list of the Worst Signers of All Time.


  1. Bruce signed on Saturday for a few people in Brentwood. Its all about low key

  2. Tried him to Bruce at the A good Day to Die Hard UK premiere and he just walked down the middle of the carpet standing in front of people lapping up people shouting his name and hardly signed anything as you say egotistical and arrogant, I thought I'd give him another try at the Red 2 premiere and he started shaking peoples hands I thought here we go again but I begged him and he signed mine and then went back to shaking hands but then did sign better in other parts of the crowd, I'm just glad I got him.