Sunday, August 4, 2013

Said Faraj of True Romance! Autographs! Photos!

I have to give some love to Said Faraj. First, he is a super nice guy. When I asked him to sign my True Romance photos he actually thanked me for asking him. multiple times. He told me to message him on Facebook and say hi. While he may not be a huge star I have met thousands of celebrities and very few, VERY FEW, are ever this nice. Thank you Said!

I now have Tom Sizemore, Ed Lauter, James Gandolfini, Said Faraj, Christian Slater, Gary Oldman and Hans Zimmer on this.

I now have Ed Lauter, James Gandolfini, Paul Ben Victor, Brad Pitt, Said Faraj, Christian Slater, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Tom Sizemore, Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L Jackson, Harvey Weinstein and Patricia Arquette on this.

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