Tuesday, August 20, 2013

RIP To The Legend Elmore Leonard

Growing up I loved reading books (and still do) and one of my all-time favorite authors was Elmore Leonard. His style of writing and use of dialogue were major influences on Quentin Tarantino and probably is why I am such a fan of QT. A couple years ago I had the privilege and honor of meeting Mr Leonard and it was a big deal to me. I probably freaked out more then than any other time I met a celebrity. Luckily, I had a Jackie Brown cast shot with me and was able to get him on it and since got QT on it and it is one of my favorite items I have ever got signed. A couple friends who were with me knew how much I revered the guy and helped me get some index cards signed by him which I since had encapsulated through PSA so nothing would ever happen to them. To top it off I got a photo with him and he was a really nice guy. RIP Mr Leonard, this fan will never forget about you.

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