Sunday, August 4, 2013

Michael Keaton Prevents HBO's Clear History From Being Worst Premiere Ever (well actually it might still be!)

Some people think this hobby is all fun and games. Go out and meet all the celebrities and get their autographs and pics with them. doesn't always work out like that. Case in point, the new movie Clear History from HBO.

On arrivals NOT ONE person from the cast signed an autograph. For that matter, not one person from the cast signed on the way out either! Amy Ryan, Phillip Baker Hall, Kate Hudson, Bill Hader. None of them touched a sharpie the whole night. Larry David ended up doing a few. Around midnight, I noticed Michael Keaton's car pull up and I waited with a few others for him to come out and he did and came over and signed one each. So, an entire premiere with one graph. 8 hours for one graph.

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