Friday, July 12, 2013

I learn a life lesson from Bruce Willis! (WARNING: Sarcasm Alert!)

#1 - Bruce Willis is better than me and you and everyone.
#2 - As far as graphing, he is now dead to me.

Over the years I have never had a good experience with Willis so I should expect this but I refuse to expect people to be this big of an asshole. At the Red 2 premiere when everyone else signed I thought maybe there was a chance that he would too. Instead he walked the line and would stop and stand in front of people and "let" them gaze upon his holier than thou self in order to enrich their sad pathetic lives. (You might think I am poring it on thick but honestly this is exactly what happened) Ask for an autograph and get a look of disgust from him. He is in my favorite movie of all time so this hurts every time I meet this asshole and he acts like this.

After he finished going down the whole line showing off like he is still a major box office draw, he proceeded to come back up the line shaking people's hands. One person asked for an autograph and he told them, " This is real life." Another example, "This is a real life lesson." The best example, one person says to him, Bruce I love you! His response? With a straight face, "I know." Apparently my parents lied to me when I was a kid when they told me no one was better than me.

I love the hobby of graphing. I love meeting these celebrities and getting their autographs. Just because I love it by no means makes me believe they are better than me. They are just famous. It takes a ego the size of Mount Rushmore to believe you are better than everyone and then to act like it as well. Have some humility towards all the people who helped get you to where you are at.

I will always love Pulp Fiction and Die Hard. I really liked his performances in both films. I just don't like him as a person.


  1. You need to do a "dead to me" list.

    1. Clint Eastwood

  2. Hey Will been reading your blog for a while now. First time post. Really enjoy your autograph collection and admire your persistence in securing an autograph. Your readers get to see hours of waiting for that golden moment which may or may not come. This is the risk you take with celebs. BW is my favorite since I was a kid watching Moonlighting, but i wouldn't want to meet him. As a PR guy I have worked with many actors, musicians, writers, etc. I have escorted them down the red carpet, prepped their arrival, media interviews, briefing paper, photo ops, etc. I have also meet some of my all time favorites in my line of work but the key thing that you understand very well, more than others, is that these are not ordinary people. They don't live in the same universe you and I do. I have seen a few lash out because of ego, or perhaps it was my perception that who they are may have consumed them. I also worked with some who are extremely humble. You have your worst list which is odd to me. You take a rejection personally when you shouldn't. Didn't get your face celeb to sign - big deal, their loss meeting a cool guy like you who has put them up at the top. My one Q for you is what the hell do you do with all the autographed pics? I have mine framed.

  3. Hey Will,
    It's been a while since I've posted a reply. Yeah it's a shame that Willis has this attitude with the fans. He better start respecting us fans bacause with the way his career is going it won't be long before he starts doing the autograph shows. Like yourelf I've been doing this hobby for a long time. I actually remember when there was a person named Bruce Willis who was nice to the fans. I'll never forget....back in 2001/2002 I got into a serious car accident that kepted me bedridden for close to 8 months to recover. Around this time they had the premiere of Disney's The Kid in Orange County. A good friend of mine not only got Willis to finish off my Moonlighting piece BUT he also got Willis to talk to me from my hospital bed! Willis also signed up a storm at his hand/footprint ceremony. Most recent time I can remember him signing was at the premiere for the first Expendables premiere. It had been a while though since he picked up a sharpie. I wish he would go back to his old ways. At least you had other names at the premiere that did it. I feel sorry for the people that came all that way and spent all that time hoping Willis would do it. Good luck Will in your future graphing.