Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman of Oblivion! Autographs! Photos!

A funny thing (and a little heartbreaking) happened at the Oblivion premiere.

Before arrivals started I looked at a friend and said when Morgan Freeman comes over and signs I am going to put him on my Oblivion cast shot. Right after I said it, my friend, and another friend who heard me say it laughed, cause Morgan signing autographs never happens anymore. In fact, he has said on different occasions that he can't and won't sign anymore. However, since no one expected him to sign and hardly anyone brought anything for him to sign I figured that would be when he did sign! Well, guess what?! He signed, and instead of getting him on Seven or Shawshank Redemption or Gone Baby Gone (3 movies I love) I got him on Oblivion!

Well, the next day Tom was going to be out and now I figured I have to get him on this as well as it already had Morgan on it and it would be a great piece to get done. Well, Tom came over and signed and I got him on it as well.

I went and saw the movie and while I am not usually into Sci-Fi I must admit I liked the movie and even though Morgan is barely in it this is quite a unique piece to add to my own collection! Here it is and considering how rare (and I mean RARE a signer Morgan is) I may never get him again so I will cherish this.

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