Saturday, April 20, 2013

42 - My Review

42  -  2013  -  Directed by Brian Helgeland

In my opinion the one predominant theme in American History is race. When I hear people comment that race and racism are no longer factors in every day life I laugh as it always has been and like it or not, always will be. Jackie Robinson was one of the most important historical figures in our nations history and it is great to see a film about him. I just wish it was better than this imitation Made for TV movie.

Branch Rickey (played exceptionally by Harrison Ford) was the President of the Brooklyn Dodgers who brought Jackie up and knew the obstacles involved with breaking the color barrier. While there was no law against it there was an unwritten rule and there would be hell to pay. Jackie and Branch entered into this milestone together and together their lives would be best remembered for it.

Chadwick Boseman stars as Jackie and does a great job of showing what he can though he isn't asked to do much. We don't find out much about the "man" Jackie Robinson. What we get is the stuff we knew. He broke the color barrier. He endured insults and threats from all corners including teammates. What was he really like as a man? What kind of toll did this take on him and his wife and family? 

These are question never answered much less asked by this film. Helgeland's script doesn't aspire to greatness and that is unacceptable when dealing with a great man and his legacy. "42" is a ground rule double. I just wish it had been a home run.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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