Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin! Autographs! Photos!

I have to admit, I have never been a fan of Sarah Palin. I had never met her but my opinion was I didn't like her. I was also talking to a friend who didn't like her at all and made fun of me for meeting her! Well, then I met her and everything changed. First, I knew she would be at the event but never thought we would see her. Then, a guy comes out and says Sarah Palin will be coming out in 5 minutes. Honestly, none of us believed it. And then she came out and then my opinion changed of her. She was so nice. She was down to earth. She was chatting everyone up and having a great time with us. She signed autographs. She took a couple pictures. I wasnt able to get one with her. At one point she asked me my name. I gave it to her. Then she left. A couple hours later she came back and when I saw her I asked her for a picture. She looked right at me and smiled and said, "Of course you can Mr. Cooper." It made quite an impression on me that she remembered. I may not agree with the politics but I am definitely a fan of her now.

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  1. It's interesting, I remember watching a programme about her. Everyone, whether they loved or hated her, said she had amazing people skills and she could makeyou feel like the only person in the room.